Post Conflicting Spaces-A Curatorial Art Research Project


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    Extended version of ongoing project Conflicting Spaces, Focus on 2047. Curatorial bridge making process, non linear visual narrative between post-industrial areas to post-human society where rules and systems are transformed

    Full description of the concept

    Post Conflicting Spaces - A Curatorial Research Project

    An extended version of our ongoing project 'conflicting spaces'( with focus on the future 2047. In this future version of our project, we will try to emphasize the dynamics of "a critical side of art and activism" in the context of a 'Public Art' making methodology. It will be a curatorial bridge making program between post-industrial conflicting notion with post-human society. We are trying to conceptualize a platform about a new society where rules and system are designed in very different manner. We will compare artist's vision with existing classical conflict theories and will see how we together can overcome the existing crisis for future society.

    Exhibition Perspective: In this exhibition, we will invite 6international conceptual artist(for primary stage due to budget and logistics), and we will work on a workshop format with their ideas about neo-conceptual time-specificity. From Meteor we already successfully presented the previous edition of Conspa, so we are very sure we can utilize our past experience for future development. In this exhibition in one side, we will deconstruct the idea of structural social space and also who will intervene the virtual neo-society space, we will make the form with new technology to reinterpret distinct information in an innovative manner. This exhibition will be consist of moving digital images, including dynamic reality, digital patterns, live animation, and algorithmically applications with the reference of classical art. we will make a new platform that explores digital and artificial life.

    curatorial vision
    1. We should see and compare a few theories as a tool to develop the language, We believe "Futurist Manifesto" in one side and "The Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0" (2009) in another side will guide us to make a comparative study. This almost 100 years transition will show us how the transformation of practices from analogical emotional space to the digital humanities has slowly captured the major practice arena.
    2. We will come to a point where the idea of state will be fluid and dynamic and where the society moves with a different condition and proposition. In that visionary space, capital and equality will be a very different idea altogether, where no one will be interested in individual democratic rights but rather a progressive living.
    3. Conflict is also there because there are different kind of States with different political systems and different political systems have different ethics on the global state of conflict. But if post-human space has a new manifestation of ethics and beliefs then what would be the best to cultivate and articulate the situation.

    4. We will also incorporate the post "left" ideas in that new global capital space.
    5. We have the interest to see how will we take the challenges about the politics of global climate change and migration history not only from the human perspective but overall including other species.

    We think the real post-conflict will start soon with our digital-virtual space, all the vision and crisis will finally collapse over there. So in this curatorial design, we will try to project the threat of virtual global space, it will be about privacy and policies about global communication, we will look out for the tendency of cyber networks and the theoretical side of cyberwar.
 Human efficiency vs Artificial intellectual space in comparison with modern conflict theories where they are telling us that "Societies are defined by inequality that produces conflict, rather than which produces order and consensus.This conflict based on inequality can only be overcome through a fundamental transformation of the existing relations in the society, and is productive of new social relations.", so if we imagine a society where human emotions and decision-making methods are not efficient compared with the Artificial System, then what will be the need or the role as a human in the planet, especially in the socio-political existing system.

    About the group/Artist

    METEOR INTERNATIONAL,,The artist group Meteor based in Seved/Sofielund,Malmö and Howrah, India.They make art projects mainly in the public space, at unexpected places. The group was formed in 2003 to make it possible to make larger projects that needed many participants and that could reach out to an unpredicted audience. The group consists of artist members of different ages and thereby bridges the gap between older and younger artists which is one of the main ideas behind the making of the group. Meteor has a network of artist members from India, Iran, Egypt, US, Estonia, Germany, Denmark besides its Swedish members. We want to make art that reaches also to a public that are not used to go to art galleries or art museums.

    Budget overview

    Artist fees: 10,000kr(logistics and exhibition set up)
    Space and light design: 7,000kr
    project documentation: 5000 kr
    Transport of artworks-5000 kr*

    Curatorial fees (2x5000 kr):10,000 kr
    Curator’s travel: 18,000kr

    other: 2,000kr

    Total: 57,000kr

    How can other drones co-create with you?

    we can make an open call on the DRONE VISIONS website to find artists that can connect to our project , but we have a large network of artists ourselves too

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