Julia Schock & Tim Bencker

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  • Summary

    In the installation “r∞m ” we imagine how a person in 2047 lives. Through walking into a room, visitors put themselves into one of their possible lifestyles. A generated soundscape, coming from two sides juxtaposes utopian and dystopian feelings.

    Full description of the concept

    In the installation “r∞m ” we will imagine how a typical room of a middle class person in 2047 could look. Through walking into a room, visitors could put themselves into one of their possible lifestyles. A continuously generated soundscape, coming from two sides will express the emotions one feels imagining either a utopian or dystopian future.

    What could a room look like you wake up in 2047? Will you eat homegrown bacon for breakfast? Do you leave your room to work? Will the air you breath be filtered?
    How will we be born, raised, and grow up in 29 years?

    In this portrait of a middle class room the artists offer a visit to one of the many prospective possibilities of day to day life. A lively visit to the alienated concept of future. In ways both poetic and relatable, the present being and the experience of the concept future invites the visitors to challenge their assumption of the now.
    Global problems will confront us on a global scale.
    But also in small - in our living rooms, kitchens and closets. We could translate to a more decentralized production, crowdsourcing our food, working together for being able to generate the nutritions we need, for being more independent. How will the power of the people influence the corporations and how much power will the richest individuals have? Will we petition a government, or someone or something, else? Will we be kissing humans or robots? Will we still be watching 2D-Videos, will we be watched or will we look out for each other?

    A continuously generated soundscape, propagating from two sides of the r∞m will express the emotions one feels imagining either a utopian or dystopian future. One side will underline the negative - a sound of discomfort and and unease. The second soundscape, emerging from the other side of the installation, transports the participant into the prospects one would love to achieve.
    Moving into the room, the two juxtaposed and matching soundscapes will coalesce into the infinite possibilities of our future.

    About the group/Artist

    The installation r∞m is a collaboration between Julia Schock and Tim Bencker.
    Julia is studying International Emergency & Disaster Relief in Berlin. Her ideas about survival strategies undergird many of the displayed future scenarios.
    Tim co-founded the event firm “Spielplatzkollektiv”, which has become part of the electronic music scene in Würzburg. His trained ears are teaming up with his experience as event planner to create a musical and personal journey.

    Budget overview

    Food and beverages: 250 €
    Travel and living costs: 1100 €
    Materials and Equipment: 600 €
    Rental of Audio Equipment: 900 € (2 Sets of Studio Monitors / PA)
    Transporter Rental: 250 €
    Artist fee: 1600 €
    All in all: 4700 € (10% overhead for our corrupt manager included)

    How can other drones co-create with you?

    We are interested in incorporating surplus elements of other projects into this vision of a future room. If you got any ideas, shoot us a message - we’re looking forward to it!
    If anyone has access to two sets of studio monitors in stockholm, we could save some rental money.

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    • Do you need electricity? Yes, we need 2 power outlets for lighting and equpiment, 1 power outlet for the pa. We will bring cables and extension chords ourselfes.

    • Will there be light? We will light up the room with LED Spots and Strips; ambient- / moodlighting

    • What is your audio footprint? Ambient Music - drone to be more specific - will be played from two pair of speakers. Noise level will be a bit louder than listening to music at home. About 85dB

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