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    Do you want your skin to have the look of water drops, the feel of dragon scales, or the colour range of a butterfly? Do you want antlers, wings or fins? Do you want to be able to breathe under water, glow in the dark, or safely set yourself on fire?

    Full description of the concept

    "Welcome to Body Augmentation Clinic - Department of Fairytale Fetishes (BAC – DFF)
    We offer body augmentations of any kind you can imagine. This is the age where diversity is the fashion – show the world you are special, by re-designing your body to reflect your unique mind. In the department of fairytale fetishes we specialise in giving your body magic powers, transforming you to become your spirit animal, and making your mythical dreams come true. Do you want your skin to have the texture and look of water drops, the feel of dragon scales, or the holographic colour range of a butterfly? Do you want antlers, wings, fins or gills? Do you want to be able to breathe under water, glow in the dark, or set yourself on fire without getting hurt? Only your imagination can stop you."

    Simulating a situation where the visitor is actually walking into the Body Augmentation Clinic in the year 2047, the visitor will be presented with various options of Body Augmentation, in the form of real life prototypes on mannequins, and pictures/video clips of finished examples of Augmented Bodies. They get to have their first consultation where their dreams and needs are mapped, the (invented) technology is explained, and they book a time for their second consultation where we will have a prototype ready for them to try, before the final surgery/bioprinting/genetic modification/controlled mutation takes place (this last part wont actually happen, but we maintain the illusion as far as possible). Think some futuristic merger between a plastic surgery clinic, a tattoo shop and a experimental high fashion lab.

    The prototypes will be made out of casted latex, silicon, decorated with things like holographic sequins, resin shapes, rhinestones and leaf gold, feathers, fur, UV paint, LED lights (cast inside the material, so it looks like the light is under the skin) etc.. To illustrate the work process: I will create a model of the body shape I want to add to the body, as well as a model of the body part it will be added too (or I will use a mannequin). This will be in clay. Then I will make a mold of the object, and finally cast the object in latex or silicon. Then I decorate the new body part, to perfection. Then I glue that object onto the actual body of the model, and make sure (with professional make-up and body paints) it looks like the new body part is actually growing out of the body of the model (or the mannequin). Then we do a photoshoot and/or a video shoot, showcasing the prototype, for showcasing at the exhibition. For the exhibition, I re-do the process on a mannequin, so visitors can see it in real life as well as on photos/video.

    About the group/Artist

    Anna studied art and fashion design at Kolding School of Design, Anthropology and Innovation. Now she creates expressive and eye-catching costumes, headpieces and body paints. This is a project to merge these three passions - integrating costume elements directly into the body paint design, and creating a convincing futuristic cultural narrative around it.

    Budget overview

    Materials for making prototypes: Silicon, latex, clay, plaster, demolding spray, mold shaping tools, color, sequins, rhinestones, glue, body paints, glitter, feathers, wig hair, resin etc..: 4.000-12.000 SEK
    Prototype production and documentation costs (could be rental of workshop space, access to 3d printer, or technical help from professionals, renting camera for photo/video shoot, editing help): 0-2.000
    Mannequins and other interior equipment of the clinic: 0-2.000
    Printing large pictures of prototypes, and/or renting projector to show pictures and video, and creating fabric walls to make an enclosed space: 1.800-4.800 SEK
    Compensation for performing the live roleplaying at the exhibition - all the production work I will do for free, since this is my passion, but I will do the actual performance only in proportion to the funding, since this is very energy consuming work for me: 1.200 (one day) -7.200 (all days)
    Total: 7.000-28.000

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    • Do you need electricity? Electricity is needed for lights, video and and sound.

    • Will there be light? Yes, but not strong.

    • What is your audio footprint? Very low, talking level.

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