Virtual Dancer

Jonas Johansson

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  • Summary

    Virtual Dancer uses cutting-edge technology as a tool for self-expression and co-creation. Through both choreographed and open stage performances, the wearer of a motion tracking suit will transform their body and movement into an audiovisual experience.

    Full description of the concept

    Virtual Dancer is built around a motion capture suit tracking the users movement while recreating a digital avatar. As we receive spatial positioning of each joint we are able to transcend the physical form of the body and move into an imaginative playground free-for-all.

    Digital technology has allowed us to co-exist without physical proximity, and also to decide how we want to be identified. What happens when we invite dancers, masters of their body and physical self-expression, and provide them with the possibility to change everything. In the digital world they can change the colour of their skin, their gender, their size - they can modify the laws of physics, act as their own audience, and even become a different species. Can we at this point even tell if it's a real person or an artificial intelligence that through machine learning has understood a performers movements?

    We will create an performance and system that translates the dancers movement into an audiovisual experience, and play with the contrast of a tiny studio space versus an infinite digital realm. We are active researchers while being content creators and invite the audience for a collective sneak peak into the future. Visitors will be able to see the virtual dancer in either Virtual Reality helmets, large-scale projections or via monitors - depending on what equipment we find and space we can use at the venue.

    For added information below you can find some references that have a direct impact on this project:

    - The talented Keijiro has already created a base system which we will use as a springboard, look here for reference:
    - The motion capture suit is ROKOKO's SmartSuit Pro and can be seen here: and here:

    We are a team of digital designer, technical directors, visual artists and interaction explorers with several years of experience creating both small and large multimedia experiences.

    About the group/Artist

    Jonas Johansson is an anywhere based artist innovating art + technology through → light, environment and (non)human intervention. He currently works as a lecturer at Beckmans college of design and has taught experience design at Hyper Island for the past 4 years. He is part of lighting collective Svartljus, co-organiser of the Nordic Audiovisual Artists community and his personal work is often related to the connect and disconnect between the material and immaterial.

    Budget overview

    Design, planning, direction
    5000 SEK

    Development of visual system in Unity
    20000 SEK

    Development of interactive sound system in Unity
    5000 SEK

    Motion capture suit
    21000 SEK

    Motion capture suit extra textile (other size)
    4000 SEK

    Other materials
    1000 SEK

    How can other drones co-create with you?

    If you want to perform with the suit please get in touch. If you have great ideas on interactive lighting, projection solutions or sound setup that is also welcome.

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    •  The visions website

    • Do you need electricity? Virtual Dancer will require power for a high-performance computer, monitors/projectors and a sound system. We need a total of 6 outlets and if needed we can bring our own cables and extension chords.

    • Will there be light? Virtual Dancer will likely use a projector and in that case generate a lot of light, it may also use a series of LED tubes surrounding the performer.

    • What is your audio footprint? Virtual Dancer will potentially use a sound system and make noise especially during an active performance.

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