The Secret Tears Music Jewel


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    A Jewel-device-player that aims to bring back the emotional relation to Music. The actual act of crying is the only way to play/hear a song (through a tear recognition system) while the Jewel-device-player is worn. Unique tears trigger a unique song.

    Full description of the concept

    This project is about the Future of Music Distribution and Collection, as well as about the Future of Jewelry

    In 2047, the overload of digital music distribution and the excess amount of music one can own, will create a psychological crisis in human beings. The excess amount of choice will affect on how people are in contact with their emotions, as people will become less and less sensitive and touched by songs. The emotional relation to music will be in danger of disappearing.

    This will make music consumers not want to consume music distributed online anymore. A need for an intimate relation to music will raise. This will affect how people collect music, and the relation between musicians and their fans.

    A New device will be invented, allowing to narrow down the gap between them, giving the music consumer the possibility of owning unique songs from their favorite songwriters.

    In 2047, as devices become more literal extensions of the body, and Jewelry intended only for decorating the body without providing any specific function will not be popular anymore, devices will be both ornamental and functional. Light integrated in jewelry will also be a trend in 2047.

    This ornamental device will include a song (digital file), which would only be possible to listen after the device would have recognised the tears from the person who owns it. The act of crying is then a fundamental need for the song to be listened. It will include a system that has tear recognition (through a sensor), and will only be activated by personal tears.
    The jewel shall also include light, and shall glow together with the played song, only when the song is triggered by tears.



    The idea is to design and produce this functional jewel-device-player for the exhibition, which demonstrates this concept. Since it is a concept, and only one will be produced, it would also be perceived an interactive sculpture.

    Since it will be obviously difficult to make the audience truly cry in the exhibition, I would include a small screen next to the jewel-device that shows a short video with a crying person trying it, together with an explanation diagram and a small jar+dropper with real human tears, that the audience can use to drop a tear in the jewel-device to trigger it.

    Regarding the song, the song to be played will be one of my existing songs (because of budget and time limitations, i am unable to compose a song for this, I rather focus on the production of jewel-device-sculpture).
    Here is a glimpse of my music:

    * I apologise for not uploading any sketches, since I would really like to develop this from scratch, but here are some examples of my previous works involving interactivity/participation and New Media, in order to give you and idea of my work:

    About the group/Artist

    I am Exotikdot: an artist, composer and designer born in Bogota-Colombia, currently living in Stockholm. Through my interdisciplinary practice, I aim my works to be experiences, which I develop through networks of different media, sometimes including participatory/interactive elements. Media such as live performance, installation, sculpture, sound, light, electronics, physical computing, text and music. I have even pushed the sensorial aspect of my work through an edible light installation and a tactile artist’s book publication. By choosing New Media, I assume with nostalgia my role in our present Civilisation, as I intend to enhance the already existing, emotional and sensorial relation that we nowadays have with technology. Composing music came as an accident from working with sound, as I consciously take advantage of the music industry’s distribution facilities to subtly infiltrate pop culture and denounce human misbehaviours. My vision of the future reveals my critical-self about the present.

    Budget overview


    -Design: 10000
    -Programming: 5000 (Programming done by me, not an expert, but I normally make it work!)

    Electronics: 8000
    3D printing: 15000 (including one prototype and one final piece in plastic)
    Other extra materials: 2000


    -Design: 20000 (Deeper Design development)
    -Programming: 10000 (Programming done by an expert)

    Electronics: 8000
    3D printing: 20000 (including one prototype and one final piece in metal)
    Other extra materials: 2000

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    •  The visions website

    • Do you need electricity? I would need three outlets. The system will have its own cables, but I would require and extension chord if the distance to the socket is more than 10m

    • Will there be light? The jewel-device will have LED light integrated in it. It would have two different light modes, one when it not triggered, and one when it is triggered

    • What is your audio footprint? The song from the sculpture will be heard when triggered, but since it is designed to be worn, the sound played would not be very loud. The demonstrating screen shall have headphones

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