the portal - messengers of the AI

Dennis Rudolph

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  • Summary

    Through a portal created in the Virtual Reality with the painting tool Tiltbrush the "messengers of the artificial intelligence" enter our reality. The Hololens device enables us to see these futuristic 3D paintings of Dennis Rudolph in the AR.

    Full description of the concept

    Starting from Auguste Rodin’s unfinished work - Gates to Hell and Dante’s Divine Comedy, Dennis Rudolph expands on the notion of creating a gateway to an other-worldliness. But instead of leading to heaven or hell, and eventually God, the future version of the portal takes you into the Augmented Reality – the realm of the AI.
    Once through the AR threshold, attendees will watch with the Hololens as AR angels explode out of the surrounding oil paintings ushering in each act of a seven part narrative. Referencing the 7 angels of the apocalypse, and using the sculpting brushes in Google’s Tiltbrush, Rudolph has created _theportal’s 7 messengers. Their appearance is Neon Baroque: a mix of the 17th century illusionistic paintings of playful weightless bodies paired with the aesthetics and effects of our current image culture. Together with the music composed by Justin Ryan Polisky this will become a Hollywood meets Richard Wagner 7 act live symphony and finally, wearing OHMD's, attendees will watch as weightless ‘Neon Baroque’ Angels, pulsating in unison with the symphony, explode out of the paintings around them.

    Augmented Reality is truly the most visionary way to think of how art will be perceived in the future.

    About the group/Artist

    Dennis Rudolph is a multimedia artist working primarily in painting and virtual/augmented reality. His artistic practice derives its momentum from a melancholic reworking of the heritage of western culture. He studied at the Language and Cultural Institute in Beijing, the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg and the Berlin University of the Arts where he graduated in 2004. Since 2004 his work has been on show in institutions in Europe and the U.S. Rudolph lives and works in Berlin.

    Budget overview

    rent MSI notebook: 5000 SEK
    rent 2 Hololens: 6000 SEK
    travel expenses: 15000 SEK
    artist salary: 15000 SEK
    shipment: 5000 SEK

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