Beyond Self


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  • Summary

    Subliminal messaging will reach a next level in 2045 thanks to breakthroughs in fields such as neuroscience, and sound engineering. Beyond Self is an Interactive educational experience that allows users to gain empathy and connectivity with strangers.

    Full description of the concept

    The goal of this project is to show through interactive art, the way individual self actualisation will get technological support to make a co created experience for humanity.

    The project has 3 parts:
    1) fill out questionnaires of 5-8 questions that lead to a) color choice b) music for your future self
    2) headphones are handed and you are positioned in a maze where you face one of 5 screens
    3) the music and your answers lead you to see images that connect to the answer to your “dream life” answer
    4) the dark walls of the maze are removed and all in the room now are made aware of each other as music and visuals combine of each of their selections to create a co-created view of the future self
    5) each person is guided out and given a paper and pen to write a kind message to a stranger in 2045 and pick up a message written by some others,

    The objective is to create a brief view of a better today and also a futuristic view of tomorrow. Members of the minafest team and participants take part in all this without speaking.

    About the group/Artist

    Minafest is a Concept to use art to create shifts and discussions for people outside their comfort zones. We want to promote self actualisation in others. We want to”manifest” new views of imagining humanity’s role in the future

    Budget overview

    Budget summary
    5 mini screens and addition set up : 15000 SEK
    5 wireless headphones : 5500 SEK (can be returned)
    Projector : 1100 SEK
    Speakers : 1000 SEK
    Art supplies (carpet, paper, pen,,wooden plaques, illuminating cloth) : 1000 SEK
    Coding / light/ sound support : 3000 SEK
    Black light : 800 SEk
    Stage wire/ Furniture needs : 1500 SEK
    Music software and Dj set rental: 10000
    Approximate budget: 45000

    How can other drones co-create with you?

    the exhibit is interactive and requires people to take a quick quiz that connect to 10-15 soundtracks and 5-10 color schemes. The goal is to then somehow, based on the group participating, create a combined sharing of visualizing what co-created belonging will look like for the “Beyond Self” humanity of 2045.

    Anyone interested to help create this project with me is valued and invited especially those with interest in sound and visual engineering or arts, as they can create the experiment with me.:)

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    •  The visions website

    • Do you need electricity? Yes

    • Will there be light? The project will be a compilation of many smaller screens that are connected by addition to the users spatial distance e from the screen.

    • What is your audio footprint? We plan to use wireless headphones to create a room of silence, but personal auditory experiences based on a simple quiz that connects ones personality in the Big 5, with the ideal music and visual space to feel safe with strangers.

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