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    The installation would involve projecting A/V media into a spatially correct 3D table-model of Stockholm.
    Based on Linnaeus4D (a cutting edge environmental simulation system).
    Resulting in a Green blend of art/sci/tech around our 2047 futures.

    Full description of the concept

    The installation would involve projecting scenarios into spatially correct 3D printed table-model of Stockholm (or maybe various landscapes). Sort of like

    The scenarios and A/V media projected into the table, would be based on a modeling system which basically models the effect of plants, trees and chemicals (like water or pollution), as dynamic objects.
    Specifically a software called Linnaeus4D. Linnaeus4D is a state-of-art ECOSYSTEM structure-and-function simulation system. Linnaeus4D fills a gap in Climate Change models/prognosis(2047); Specifically in down-scaling Climate into local weather, and down into plant morphology vis-a-vis submeter-to-submeter dynamics of liquid and gas chemicals (e.g. water, pollution, etc.). This software is also part of a M.Sc. thesis.

    In all the idea is that the installation will ask and then focus attention into:

    1) Will Stockholm be under water in 2047? Who answers this question and how?
    -->The severity of the uncertainty/risk of all state-of-the-art models. For example the models developed for the UN IPCCC and the "consistent and growing ‘emissions gap’ between the GHG reductions targets and the level scientifically correlated to stabilization of the global climate, i.e., a inconsistent range of scenarios/strategies v.s. observations. (den Elzen et al., 2011; Höhne et al., 2012; Kartha and Erickson, 2011; Rogelj et al., 2011; UNEP, 2010b, 2011; c.f. Wiseman 2013).

    2) Can any of the high-tech or high-spirit "solutions" on the table, really: A) remove all the green house gases (and excess heat) from the atmosphere? B) reverse an ongoing series of mass extinctions of biodiversity? C) reverse the accidification and pollution of the oceans? D) feed a world with maybe 11 billion people? F) Do it all in the scale and time needed AND also in a democratic and fair way?
    -->The point is not to depress anybody, but to shine a light into processes that need to come to fruition, so that we can indeed arrive to a happy 2047 (with flying skateboards and all). In this regard, my learned-intuition, is that any real solution will have to have an intensification of ecosystem function at the core (like ), i.e. sometimes called a eco-socio-techno solution,
    YET, we dont understand much of how soil microbiota effects crop growth or the remediation of polluted soils/water (which matters because sometimes more GHG and more toxic pollution, results from more GREEN-ery). ALSO we dont monitor all chemicals in our air and water, which we know are bad for our health, specially for kids and sick people. So why havent we done this basic-science? I think mainly because very very few people think soil science, pollution monitoring, or mathematical modeling of plant growth, is part of any sexy or high-tech prescription. There is also allot information logistics and technical barriers to make the process tangible. Thus our collective global capacity to monitor, model and manage the most basics aspects of our natural resources is rather dismal. Trump sabotaging the EPA with his anti-science appointee, really has made clear how little we value a fragile scientific community. Whose Scientific-Work, even before Trump, has looked more like 1980 than 2047. Which is to say, that much of environmental scientist have lacked imagination of what their work should deliver; let alone defined a strategy for solving the compounding crises we face today-and-into 2047 (A-F).

    So in a way part of the exhibition involves the challenge of making "the things that we have to do", as exiting and attractive as "the thing that we want to have", in 2047.

    Seriously, what good is a world with flying cars and your iphone glued to your retina or brain, but without any fish in the ocean? or where a majority of people have developmental disabilities from exposure to chemicals which we care to monitor until maybe the late 2030? or where a majority of the world has died due to hunger or malnutrition?

    About the group/Artist

    Been working producing multimedia, software and IT systems in Sweden since 2008; before that in California since 2004-5. Mostly working for R&D projects and around social and environmental issues (like environmental modeling, green certification/accounting). Also worked allot in academic technology and as a course coordinator for U.U. course: "Actors and Strategies for Change; Toward Global Sustainability". Allot of my work has been pro-bono, ...even though I have a business degree... In future I would like to do a PhD.

    Perhaps because my Mom did Art School dragging me around; I cant go long without painting/sculpting something. At 15, I was called the "Mozart of teenage sculpture", while doing 1.5 meter sculptures. Nonetheless I never been brave enough to give art a 100%. My deepest respect/love to people who do.

    "Race"-wise, I am basically Tex-Mex with a Swedish passport.

    Some samples and contact: and linkedin

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