Dreaming Again

Rachel Holmes


As A.I becomes more sophisticated we will identify sentience by the capacity to dream in sleep. This will lead to renewed interest in dreams/ shamanic practices. Art project will speculate on what dreams mean to people begining to remember them again.

Full description of the concept

Inspired by Carl Jung's Red Book, "Dreaming Again" will record the artists' dreams in artworks, film and writing. It will explore intuition as a technology capable of recording our dreams - in what appears through artworks, writing and memory. It will ask how we do we dream about the future when we barely remember our own dreams-in-sleep. It will seek to explore dreams-in-sleep as a guide toward the future and propose that without this connectivity with the unconscious world we have no real appparatus to begin to imagine or interpret a future. It will thereby question what we even mean by the future.

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