Flower Power

Edouard Duvernay

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  • Summary

    Humans will go extinct and nature will melt with the technology left, creating a whole new ecosystem.

    About the group/Artist

    I'm a visual designer, considering machines as proper sensitive beings, using biomimicry principles to come up with new living species (aka cyborgs), trying to build more sensual ways to interact with machines - unlike the usual negative and mostly scary anthropomorphic culture - and I also like blurring frontiers between real and virtual by playing with their aesthetics (using real materials looking fake and 3D materials looking real).

    Budget overview

    Budget will be used to print the photographs (1500€ for 5 photographs).
    And maybe the sound system (if I find someone to work with me on the atmosphere soundtrack).

    How can other drones co-create with you?

    Having a jungle soundtrack (produced by a sound designer) could fit to the concept and help the people dive in the images. The whole room could have a proper "cyber-exotic" atmosphere. For example, machines sounds could be mixed with fauna/flora ones or wind...

    What is this?

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