Plastic Fantastic

Janina Trienekens

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  • Summary

    In 2047 plastic waste has poured the world, but instead of harming and exterminating life, it transformes into fantastic creatures, that coexist with humankind.

    Full description of the concept

    Plastic Fantastic
    The visitor strolls along a plastic world, enjoying an artificial landscape enterely made of white plastic bags and white stockings. The piles of trash transform into a dot structure, that appears as something living, growing in every direction of space, climbing colums, hanging from the ceiling. The light but thick structure is soft and flexibel, can be hung in context with the white plastic bags or stand on its own as soft creatures.These repetitive dotworks are a swarm in which every single dot is important to fullfill the transformation from wasted to worth being, from a plastic bag to a being.
    How is humankinds point of view on trash in 2047? Will there be such a thing as trash? Or is there a way of not wasting anything?

    About the group/Artist

    My work is about giving value to waste by transforming it with the help of art. The torned stockings from my granny become a shell for old plastic bags. A structure of little plastic balls transforms into soft creatures. Piles of plastic trash become a landscape. I like to work on the things that are already there, that we usually throw away or don´t pay to much attention to. These are the most interesting materials for me to work with - more than one horrible dress that my mother gave me became a soft sculpture.

    Budget overview

    Material: Plastic Bags, stockings, ca. 1000€ / Arround 1000€ for travel, transportation & hotel costs / / Maybe 16 houres of work = ca. 800€ / All in all arround 2800€ = 28000 Sek.
    If I get up to 5000€ the plastic landscape and creatures in it can be really big. In this case the visitor can for sure move in a plastic fantastic world. If I get my minimum target I can realize a small installation, where you can see plastic bags transforming into creatures, but the visitor won´t be able to move in a landscape.

    How can other drones co-create with you?

    I need someone to help me prepare the installation: open plastic bags, pile them up and put them in shape. And it would be nice to have someone to talk to during the process.

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    • Do you need electricity? 5 or more outlets (depending on how big the installation is going to be) and I bring a few cables and extension chords for lighting.

    • Will there be light? I prefer white light, daylight is the best. I could also use LED Spots (depending on how big the work is going to be, up to ten spots).

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