Litli Geysir Water Restaurant

Vera Hint Kindgren

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  • Summary

    Try a mouthwatering glass of vintage water anno 2018, a praline made of moon frost or our signature dish "Geysir on a Plate". The Water Restaurant is a meal sized sculpture park inviting you to fantasize about what we will eat and drink in 2047.

    Full description of the concept

    Food is more than just taste. It is a visual and sensual experience. What will this experience be like in 2047? Water might have become a luxury grocery being served in the most imaginative way at fine dining restaurants. A bubbling Geysir in a bowl, a glittering miniature tower leading up to a dazzling praline coated in moon frost, a steaming coctail decorated with ice flakes thinner than foil. Imagining the water restaurant makes me eager to get my hands dirty creating sculptures. I will mix modelling clay, papier maché, recycled material, glitter and beads with more unexpected materials like jell-o to make the sculptures a true delight for the eye and the mind. A full meal of at least three courses will be presented as a miniature sculpture park floating in the room. The goal is to express a playful feeling in the artwork and to transfer the urge to get creative.

    About the group/Artist

    Vera Hint Kindgren is a visual artist and art teacher in constant search for stuff that triggers creativity.

    Budget overview

    Material cost: 1100 SEK (Modelling clay, glue, paint, pearls etc.)
    Rent of studio space 1 week: 400 SEK
    Display material: 500 SEK (Material to build podiums, fishing string, printing cost for signs)
    Workshop material cost: 500 SEK (Pens, paper, clay, paint etc.)
    Possibility to pay co-creators to assist me: 3000 SEK
    Preferable work cost: 7000 SEK
    Minimum work cost: 1500 SEK

    Minimum budget : 3500 SEK (3 worked through sculptures made of cheap material, simple workshop/no workshop, no possibility to pay assistants)
    Preferable budget: 12 500 SEK (Many worked trough sculptures with excellent finish including collaborations by other talented artists, luxurious workshop

    How can other drones co-create with you?

    Brainstorm which dishes to create. Give valuable feedback in the creative process. Create their own visions of what we will eat and drink in 2047 in dialogue with Litli Geysir. Help to come up with a creative workshop inviting visitors to create something artistic on the theme.

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. This Drone Visions is where drones dreams together.


    • Do you need electricity? One outlet to be able to put some light on the sculptures would be nice.

    • Will there be light? If possible: Spotlights lighting up the sculptures.

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