The Botanical Brain Surgery

ACD Ferguson

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    As a reaction against the fascination with teching up our bodies a growing minority plug into Mother Nature. The Botanical Brain Surgery can implant, germinate and grow a seed directly in the brain and they are here to demonstrate how it is all done.

    Full description of the concept

    The Botanical Brain Surgery is a reaction to all of the obsession with teching up our bodies with the latest gadgets. So this growing trend is really taking root, in their own heads anyway. A new natural health movement and phenomenon is made possible. New and recent advances in technology have made it possible to actually implant a seed into your head with the roots growing directly into your brain and therefore becoming an extension of your nervous system. In turn making us one with the plant connected emotionally and physically. The plant withering when you are unwell and thriving when you are flourishing. This is the ultimate connection to Mother Nature for the kids of the future. So what effect will this have on our relationship to the natural earth? First things first, hand me the laser drill and your choice of seed...

    Live performance about 15 mins in duration happening occasionally throughout the event. The clients being theatrical plants also, meaning it makes it much easier to have them rehearsed, in makeup and prepared to keep the performance tight. The head is drilled with a laser. The seed is placed. A special light is put above the head to stimulate ultra fast germination simulated with 3D holographic time lapsed video of plant growing from seed to flower. An x-ray projection achieved by a shadow puppetry projection on the head lets us see the roots growing down into the brain. The set will be a minimalist future imagined, darkened surgery room, so that the various lighting effects used will have maximum impact.

    About the group/Artist

    I am an artist from Glasgow now based in Gothenburg working mainly with collaborative projects in the last 10yrs. I work with theatrical installations, kinetic sculpture, lighting and visuals, set design and large-scale puppetry. I’m a member of 85A, an art collective from Glasgow started around 10yrs ago and has produced 20 large-scale performance, visual art, film and theatrical works. Such as 85A’s Herbaceous Barbershop at Boomtown and Fusion Festival where I was responsible for managing set build, design and grow. I also worked closely with Canadian based filmmaker Judd Brucke on his film Chernozem where I was responsible for creating a lot of special effects, puppetry, props and set. From 2011-2015 I was one of seven founding directors of The Glue Factory, an independent arts venue in Glasgow working a lot with clubs, parties, various exhibitions, shows, and other events. I have also worked creating a lot of visuals and decor for festivals and clubs with Robbie Thomson under the title of Acidraft.

    Budget overview

    Transportation costs for the work. Visits to Stockholm from Gothenburg by train. Materials cost for set and props. Purchase of a overhead projector and monitor screen. Various other production and logistical expenses. I will spend a lot of time on the production of the work including a surgery room set, 3D holographic video projection and shadow puppetry special effect for the growing and other props lights and decor. I will also manage the whole production. So if only achieving the minimum budget level I will not be taking any artist fee for the work. This is taking into account how much I’d like to work on it. However I am very enthusiastic about the project overall and am willing to make it happen regardless of this. The maximum would mean that I could be paid a wee something for my work and not just cover the materials and logistics of making this project happen.

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    • Do you need electricity? I need to be able to power a monitor screen and lights. I have some cables if there are sockets reasonably closed by.

    • Will there be light? Use of shadow puppetry, a large video monitor creating 3D hologram video and some small lights.

    • What is your audio footprint? Sound effects, blips and bleeps etc. Not intended to be so loud, but more medium level and to some extent contained within the area of the set.

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