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    By 2047, will art be free of traditional idea/implementation, imagination/realisation binarism?
    Using conversations & abstract text based materials, if {nsdNess} ? will offer ways to negate such binaries & share unchained, non-materialised imaginations.

    Full description of the concept

    While traditional future visions tend to focus on technologies, If {non specific droness} ? (aka if {nsd} ?) imagines a 2047 that is Post-Technology in culture. A time when, through technological challenges, we come to focus on culture-specific and artistic oriented wondering.
    Think of a future, a bit like an Aki Kaurismäki film, when periods are defined by certain concerns and questions, rather than technologies.

    If {nsdNess} ? proposes a future when AI like beings could do more/better artists than ones they might be modelled upon.

    An AI of Princess Nokia, AI Bourgeois or an AI M. Shelley, as evolving independent sentient species, could arrive at stuff the humans might have dreamed of. Perhaps an artist's AI might do what their human predecessors imagined, yet did't share in their humanoid life?

    Let's embrace a FLOSS AI Arty species. Indeed let's assume 2047 is full of AIs and ask:
    How could AIs affect Artists of other species? How such Art AIs alter art's processes, materials and roles?
    Have we had slightly comparable encounters between technologies and art linked processes?

    If {nsdNess} ? conceives of art in the future through reflecting on european art's past.

    When photographic machines (aka cameras), a bit like contemporary AI, were perceived to question what traditionally was thought of as art and it's socio-cultural role. Questions that, arguably, allowed artists to free themselves from traditional ways & helped produced artistic diversities of 20th & 21st centuries art.
    Since AI are super-automatons it seems to me that perhaps we too are faced with a future that, like early photography, challenges axioms of cultural practices. A future that could open up new ways to imagine art?

    if {nsdNBess} ? offers a way out of the binary - in/out, imagination/realisation - and it's duality oriented culture.
    Using the process of drone vision, where people are asked to imagine and then bid for funds to "realise" projects - to do that which was already imagined - if {nsd} ? proposes to bring imaginations, funded or not, to drone vision Stockholm.

    if {nsdNess} ? proposes a few ways to focus on imaginations:
    * to approach projects that didn't receive funds, and offer to disseminate their associated aesthetics in drone vision Stockholm. This will be done by approaching visitors and converse about projects that are not there. Conversations that are aimed at the senses. For example, How do you imagine it would be if such and such project was here?
    * to approach projects that did get funding and converse about the sensations of before projects were funded and made to exhibit, and after. The focus will be the inevitable interval that remains imagined - yet is there.

    The conversations will be reflected upon from aesthetics of droness - how is it like to be a drone? - and made into an if {nsd} ? language.
    (A type of language such as being developed at http://ifxyz.xyz)
    As a language, if {nsd} ? will be available to be imagined further and evolve through a web site - even after the exhibition.

    Visitors and presenters at drone vision will interact with If {nsdNess} ? through conversations initiated by me at the exhibition space and an associated website.
    In case If {nsdNess} ? itself isn't funded or accepted, there will be an associated website to share the imaginations and their language.

    How do we imagine the wonderings connected with if {nsd} ?
    Let's, for example, consider how to imagine Droness?
    The sensations of being a drone?
    The feeling of a continues humming noise?
    The reference to a human's laziness, do people dream and imagine whilst being perceived lazy?
    A drone sensation such as a male bumblebee, working themselves to an inevitable end?
    A human-less flying machine? A sound sequence of Dee.aR.Oww.Nn.? Or does it feel like a different noise?

    How, for example, might we:
    Wonder a not funded drone vision project through drone sensations?
    Wonder the interval between the imagining of a funded drone vision project and it's specificity in time, space and funding processes - through droness?

    About the group/Artist

    Ahanon is a non-specific artist focusing on ways of wondering and imagining through specifically abstract materials.
    Materials that focus on imagining as a meta practice in, from and of itself.

    What kind of music might a Beethoven AI do? Will we need art as the 9th symphony other than some kind of an historical reference?

    Art linked processes have traditionally been connected to processes of providing physicality to imaginings, visions, "inner" perceptions and produced a culture of duality. Such dualism that perceives wonderment and imagination as somehow insufficient, in need of "realisation" non specificness, questions the need for a dualistic approach.

    An ongoing development of non specific art at http://ifxyz.xyz.

    Recent exhibits/works: Performance Philosophy conference - Prague, Anna Lama gallery - Lisbon, Decurators gallery - Brasilia, Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro.

    Ahanon is a part-time/visiting art lecturer. Currently working on a language translation publication from Brasilia Uni.

    Budget overview

    Budget is for travel, accommodation and living costs* in Stockholm.
    Minimum is 3 days.
    The max amount is calculated for a stay of 7 days.

    Accommodation: 220SEK per night.
    Food: 15 SEK per day.
    Travel: 1250 SEK (Return from London)


    Minimum budget:
    3 days x 15 + 220 => 705 SEK
    Travel: 1250 SEK

    Total for 3 days: 1250 + 705
    1955 SEK

    Maximum budget:
    7 days x 15 + 220 => 1645 SEK
    Travel: 1250 SEK

    Total for 3 days: 1250 + 1645
    2895 SEK

    * Living costs are based on:
    - https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/in/Stockholm
    - the fact i am a vegan and enjoy preparing my own food. ;)

    How can other drones co-create with you?

    If {non specific droness} ? is made from operating with other drones by bringing ideas from not funded projects to the exhibition space.

    People from funded drones could co-create through conversations to tease out the possible differences between a project imaged and when it is made to be "unimagined" - funded and in the exhibition space.

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. This Drone Visions is where drones dreams together.


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