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Jimmy Larsson

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  • Summary

    In 2047 social media rules all. Likes and Dislikes decide what laws are passed, if a business thrives or dies, and if a work of art is worth keeping. Here, the audience gets to decide whether a sculpture is kept intact, or destroyed.

    Full description of the concept

    In 2047 society is ruled by social media. Likes and dislikes are legislated and function as political elections, as metrics for social status, and as reviews and justification for culture.
    The government can propose laws on social media, and if they receive more likes than dislikes, they are passed.
    People who receive many likes enjoy high status, and are viewed as model citizens.
    Businesses that get a too unfavorable like to dislike ratio are shut down.
    Artwork that gets a too unfavorable like to dislike ratio are thought to have no value, and are removed from public eye, or destroyed.
    It is the ultimate form of democracy, but also a form of oppression of the people, by the people. Anything that is popular has every opportunity to flourish, but is it even possible anymore to create something aimed at a narrow audience?
    Is it possible to create artwork that does not appeal to a majority of the population? Can you create something that is not as good as what the artistic intelligences create, or has the artwork of humans lost its value, when compared with the great work of the AIs?

    My contribution to Drone Dancing is a sculpture created by me by means of 3D printing, and plaster casting. It may be art of questionable or poor quality compared with the year 2047 AI art, so do we even want it to exist? The audience will decide.
    Next to the sculpture there will be two buttons, one for like, one for dislike. Each time a button is pressed a photo is automatically taken of the person pressing the button. If the dislike button is pressed more times than the like button in a day, the sculpture will be destroyed. After that happens the artwork is transformed from sculpture to its debris, and a display of select photographs of the button pushers, along with some photos of the original sculpture will be added.

    About the group/Artist

    I am not an artist. Sometimes I create things. Sometimes I do some form of creative work, but my work can not usually be called art. Here I aim to create something that might be considered art. Is it bad art? Probably, but at least you get a chance to tell me about it.

    Budget overview

    I need approximately 12000 sek, to be spent on electronics, materials for the sculpture and stage, and a fee for my work.

    How can other drones co-create with you?

    I need help programming a Raspberry Pi with IO functionality, automatic photographs, and a display.
    I would also like a volunteer to swing the sledge hammer when the time comes.

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. This Drone Visions is where drones dreams together.


    • Do you need electricity? Yes, one outlet for electronics.

    • Will there be light? Assuming normal room illumination, no.

    • What is your audio footprint? None, except for the brief one time moment when the sculpure is destroyed by sledgehammer.

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